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‘Well designed and well organised’

– Review Nepal: trekking met Top of the World Reizen –
We are thoroughly satisfied with the trip. It was very “well designed and well organised”, and we were happy with the hotels and the guides.
We particularly liked the Hotel Vajra and Vajra Guest House, and were also pleased with Swotha Traditional Homes. We enjoyed the Namo Buddha – Balthali hike and we were impressed with the woman at Balthali Homestay. We were happy with all the guides, including Mukesh, Lhakpa, Suraj, and Bibek.
We enjoyed the relaxed pace of the trip and felt like we had been away for much longer than the 2 1/2 weeks. We enjoyed the Southern Settlements day hike with Bibek and the chance it offered to witness the simple but happy lifestyle of the rural Nepali people.
We don’t think there was any one thing that Top of the World Reizen could have done better. We will certainly like to visit Nepal again and want to visit Pokhara and take some foothill hikes, as well as the jungles of Chitwan since we have never experiences the jungle.
Jacqueline en Peter

– Review Nepal: trekking met Top of the World Reizen –