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‘Guardian angel’


– Reiservaring Nepal: Annapurna circuit –    

Helden 2014


Pax, Henk, Yvonne en Floor maakten in oktober 2014 ‘de Nepal tocht van de heldin en de heldin’. Ze waren zeer onder de indruk van de begeleiding en maakten voor hen onderstaande tekst voor hun vlucht van Jomosom naar Pokhara.

Dear Guardian Angel,

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you as our Guardian Angel. Why you are our Guardian Angel? First of all because you have been calling us your Angels and we have seen you as our Guardian in many aspects. You guided us as a genuine leader, constantly keeping an eye on all of us, taking care of us and acting as a proactive problem solver whenever we needed so. You managed to get to know each and everyone’s preferences in no time at all.

You’ve been sharing your knowledge generously with us drawing our attention for example to the most stunning views or patiently explaining Buddhist traditions.

Without you watching over us as our Guardian Angel we would never have been able to cross Thorong La and complete an unforgettable trekking.

And let’s not forget you made us laugh!

Allitakki thank you!


Dear Sunny Scout,

We want to thank you with the same bright smile that you constantly have. This sunny smile has been contagious to all of us.

You constantly and swiftly are one step ahead of everyone as our Scout, making sure we would find the right and safe path. Directing us modestly, ensuring we follow the track that fits our abilities.

One last thing we will not forget: the smiles of both you and Tilac, so rewarding when given a cookie or chewing gum.

Without you we could never have made the trekking and we want to express our deepest gratitude for your gentle and bright help!

Allitakki thank you!


Dear Attentive Force,

You seem to embody a great Force. Not at the foreground, but most definitely at our side when we need support, ensuring no harm will be done to anyone of us in difficult situations. If there would be a bigger word then Attentive then it would be the perfect fit your personality. Putting someone else’s safety over your own is an act of Greatness.

Your great smile is unforgettable, especially in the morning light and as with Ser, when we offered a cookie or chewing gum. Never-to-be-forgotten!

We want to express our deepest gratitude for all you have done for us, without your Attentive Force we could never have made it.

Allitakki thank you!

– Reiservaring Nepal: Annapurna circuit –